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Infantry Online

Play Infantry!

Notes / Quick Tips Once Installed:

  • Set the InfantryLauncher.exe program to launch as Admin.
  • Pick a resolution in the zone list window before starting the game.
  • Use the key commands ALT+ENTER to exit/enter fullscreen. For Mac keyboards, the toggle keys are the same but called OPTION+RETURN.
  • Sometimes using the "X" on the zone list window will hard close and not save your alias/resolution settings on exit. We recommend using the big Quit button or using the File ⇾ Exit to save your alias/resolution settings for the next launch.
Windows Installer  XP or Later
Download .exe

Download the latest .exe installer. Follow the prompts and Infantry Online will be installed and ready to play.

MacOS Installer  macOS 10.13 High Sierra or later
Download .dmg

Download the latest .dmg installer. Control-Click or Right-Click on the Installer pkg file in the DMG and follow the prompts. Infantry Online will be installed to your Applications folder and will be ready to play.

GNU / Linux Installers  Any Distro that supports WINE (WINE v5 or Later)

Infantry Online is listed in the PlayOnLinux software catalog. Simply download PlayOnLinux on whatever distro you are running, search for "Infantry Online" and click Install.
Script Source


(Coming Soon) The Installer script for Infantry Online has been submitted to Lutris, pending approval.
Script Source


  • New Windows Installer!
  • cnc-ddraw library added to fix fullscreen, drawing issues and improve the FPS. This new windows installer will auto setup cnc-ddraw for you.

Community Supported & Player-Driven Development

Since 2003, Free Infantry has been expanding what Infantry Online is capable of. We strive to enable players and content designers to create zones and game modes that they want to play. A number of features within the game – pioneered by our small community – have found their way into the official servers. With Sony Online Entertainment shutting the servers down in 2012, Free Infantry has brought the community back together in full. Today, we finance, maintain and grow Infantry Online into a bigger and better game.

To this end, Free Infantry has open-sourced the entire server infrastructure required to host the zones, and provides all the tooling that you require to build your own zones.

Zone Editors

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Source Code

Source Code

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