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Troubleshooting DNS issues: Ask a friend

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:58 pm
by Hobsonian4
There are apparently some DNS issues in which some users are experiencing the domain pointing to rather than A DNS flush can take care of a stale cache but further issues may be at hand. Please email, instant message, call, or otherwise communicate with friends whom play infantry and ask them if they are experiencing issues with the domain. If they are using windows, they should go into their command prompt (Start >> Run... >> cmd) and issue the following commands:
ipconfig /all

To copy, right click on the command prompt in the terminal and select Mark, and then click and drag across the entire terminal area to select all text. Then press Enter. The text is on the clipboard. Or upload screenshots by making the command prompt the active window, pressing Alt + PrtScr, and pasting into Start >> Run... >> mspaint.
Please address technical issues by making or posting on a thread at Tech Support Subboard so users don't have to slog through this thread to find answers that are posted as followups.