Zombie Zone Bugz

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Zombie Zone Bugz

Post by Cannibal » Fri Jan 01, 2016 7:33 pm

1. Whenever you get out of vehicle/PDB the Ammo Eater zombie's AR attack does extra damage
2.Spawner zombie makes people lag out hella, I think it should be taken out or changed somehow, if possible to reduce the lag it causes.
Its weird because it makes the marine lag, but not the person spawning it, because It makes me lag out every time, but if I'm the one spawning the zombies it doesn't lag me out.
3.CL5 should be nerfed a wee bit.
4. Also the lag problems started around the time Angar added the Aerod weapons/Mechs from what I noticed, but that was also around the time that FI was changing its server to New Jersey I think. So I'm not completely sure.
5. Rapier kit is pointless to have in there, Costs 30k cash and its ripper cannon costs too much ammo to use and its weak as fuk. Also nobody uses it.

6.Maybe reduce the Heal/Energizer/Snare limit? Due to lag issues? It's almost impossible to finish a full game with 2 or more players on the team because of it.

Also, maybe adding a few more buildings to base with around the map? I've dabbled in using the map editor, only thing I'd need help with is adding physics lol

I have at least 3 million playing seconds on all my aliases in Zombie Zone. I know what I am talking about. and If you ask anyone else who plays Zombie Zone they will agree with all of these.

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