Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

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Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Palm » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:00 pm

Please post your ideas, suggestions, comments, or whatever pertaining to the development of Zombie Zone here. Let's keep things organized and in one topic rather than spread out. I love all of the ideas already posted, and the ones that i have seen ingame. I will quote your ideas over to this topic. If I miss yours by accident please let me know, and/or post it here please.

Thank you for all of your support!!!!

You can find me ingame on the aliases Palm/Puma/God/wolfpak35, and you can also PM me here on the website if you wish to not have your idea public/or whatever reason there is.

Thank you again! Enjoy yourselves!!!!!!


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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Palm » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:01 pm

Xenonaut wrote:Concept: Like the blue boxes but optional. Provide additional missions.

Synopsis: Player team receives random distress call as they run around the map, signify by another set of coordinate beside their current box. If team respond to this they can "save" a civilian survivor. It will be in the appearance of a civilian (like those like those space pirates NPC that were used as training area in one of those CT or eol type map). When picked up (like the blue box) an item called Civilian will be added to player inventory. This item is stackable as a player may save any number of civilian possible. Once gained, the player is then able to deploy the civilian anywhere they are able to deploy a turret.

When deployed, the civilian becomes a turret object that will fire on any approaching zombies. They can be killed relatively easy compare to the turrets so while they may boost the fire power, ultimately they wont be altering the balance of power. Also, players may deploy them around protected terrains to help them last longer. Medics/heal bot may heal them also.

Each time a team receive a distress call, a timer also appeared. If timer runs out and team has not saved civilian, the civilian has been overran and lost forever in that game. When an ending is added, the amount of civilians a team has alive (deployed) can be a multiplier to the score.

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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Palm » Thu Feb 07, 2013 11:01 pm

Xenonaut wrote:to make thing more RPG, you can make stats and skills upgrade for players as the game progresses. But the catch is, like the cash, they are temporary only to that game. So a player may play, upgrade their damage, their run speed their health etc. That way it is RPG like but still can have replay value as oppose to most of the other so called "rpg" zones. Where fags hog flags for hours on end farming exp and scorn anyone who try to play the game properly.

Also, get rid of player controlled zombies. This will allow you to make it more RPG like and control the experience of the game. Have side missions for players to do. Have strong weapons for human players without having to worry about the zombie controlled player saying its unfair. Make it like a left4dead type of game. As long as you have griefers, you will not have good quality surviving game. As long as you have 2 sides, you will have to appease to both side of the equation in term of fairness.

Not saying that if you feel like being a griefer you can't. Just duplicate ZZ and work on one of the version and make it into a PvE map rather than a griefer mode map. Have players that join the map be automatically put into a new pub if one pub's game already started. That is to encourage players to start new games. They can go join the other pub to watch the game, but they cannot join in. Max team size of 6 is good per pub.

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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Tyrone » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:04 pm

New Marine class ideas:

Sapper - Equipped with:
-CTF/EOL Grenade Launcher with both variants (bouncy and explode on impact)
-SK Demo Charge
-Standard Incinerator
-Combat Axe
-Sadbag Kit
-Turret Repair Kit grant
-Increased carrying capacity for grenades and molotovs

Class plays as a great asset for base support and medium range rape. Due to limited close range weaponry the Sapper will need to rely on his team if he finds himself surrounded by zombies.
The Sapper can also aid the engy with repair kits and fortify the base with sandbags.
The GL could be upgraded into different ammo varients (napalm, fragmentation etc.)

SciOps - Equipped with:
- EOL Laser Rifle
- Sonic Projector
- Gauss Rifle
- Standard Plasma Bomb
- Standard Energy Pistol
- Standard Machine Pistol
- Sonic Barrier Device (emphasis on knock back other than damage)

Equivalent to the Marine but with energy weapons.


New Zombie class ideas:

Disruptor Zombie - Equipped with:
- Electron Beamer attack
- Anti-warp

Playable zombie that can debilitate marine's energy shields

Kamikaze Zombie - Equipped with:
- Messy Suicide (standard suicide but launches projectiles on death much like the AI version)

Will still explode on death if marine kills you.

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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Xenonaut » Thu Apr 11, 2013 4:42 pm

If we will continue to do this attempt at placating both zombie and marine players, then here are some suggestions to keep things fair.
1) Remove APC for marines. The AI zombies do not hurt it with their range attacks, and player zombies cannot keep up. The APC can now even spam bullets which makes it even more OP.
2) Increase the size of the King zombie to the size of an APC if possible. Make things look menacing and add flair to the game as a whole.
3) Better yet, change all zombie sprites in the game to either the sprites of the nightmare zombie or the diablo2 zombies. They looked great as zombies, why are we running around with aliens instead?
4) Have AI zombies spawn in giant size (about the size of an APC) and with a slight increase to their attack and hp. This is a easy boss creation method that you dont even have to dream up newer abilities for bosses.
5) Give zombies perma run like marines. For the undead, shouldn't they be the one that is tireless instead? And yet their sprint is less than a second in duration and they only have 2 measly sprint.
6) If this is a zombie apocalypse, things has to look grittier around the city. There need to be piles of corpses and lots and lots of blood splatters all over the city. Instead, it looks too clean. There has to be an occasional fire and broken vehicles overturned in middle of street. I know rendering fire and smoke will cause lag for the map so if lag happen then just remove the animated sprites. But we can still have a more dirty and bloody apocalypse rather than the clean look it now has.
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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by deadpoolmk70 » Thu Apr 11, 2013 10:40 pm

minus apc nerf. apc fun.

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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Xenonaut » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:03 am

APC can be fun if its balanced for zombie players as well. Since players generally don't make new pub themselves, they are stuck with spec or being zombie players. Within a minute of trying to chase down an APC, most realizes that 90% of attacks doesn't even hurt it, many simply leave. We are trying to attract player to the map, and this is a terrible way of bringing in newbies.

To add insult to injury, the APC is repairable, and cheap. An engy can replace a damaged APC and be on the run again. And zombies has 2 extremely short sprints and are forced to suicide and cycle through the useless zombies forced on you. Who will bother to play the map when there is already an APC running around? We have to either funnel people into a new pub of the map by taking out zombie players completely, or make it bearable and competitive for both sides.

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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Myrmeta » Tue Jul 02, 2013 11:38 pm

Hey Xeno, i like your class suggestions, but the sapper seems more like a mix of heavy weapons and engineer, plus and minus a few things, I must say it sounds like your basic base builder, with a few alterations of course. As for the APC i agree, it is a tad overpowered, maybe make it so people can't be in it while the drivers out of it like in CM? It should help some of the issues related to it (On a side note the ability to use swords in the APC seems a bit buggy, as in if you can't use it normally why can you in the vehicle?).

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Re: Zombie Zone Suggestions/Ideas/Etc..

Post by Germany » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:49 am

who cares. this zone is trashcan like Z" playing Kha'Zix

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