2v2 duo league, limited irpg itemset

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2v2 duo league, limited irpg itemset

Post by Burnt » Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:59 pm

I'll do it if anyone would bother to play it.

Two classes, any setup, one "combat" one "support". Best of 5 rounds. Very simple, lots of depth.

I'd make a small, 5 roomed map. Each 5 rooms is a different layout. I would limit and remove items that would be incompatible with dueling (no personal vechs, limited reps and heals).

Classes would be using my IRPG itemset, split into two groups to limit bullshittery:

Infantry - All standard items
Jump Trooper - No Vehicles
Drop Trooper - No Vehicles
Marine - All standard items

Combat Medic - No Summoner, limited to 1 tranq
Field Surgeon - No Summoner, limited to 1 tranq
Sci Ops - All standard items, no cloaks
Infil - All standard items, no cloaks
Heavy - All standard items
Combat Tech - no autoturrets or other constructions, has broadcast charger and mines
Bio Tech - No bio-stab, limited to one 1 tranq

MPAC - too op in setting
BLACK OPS - built around cloaking, not conductive to dueling
Neuro- Just OP Bio, doesnt offer any competitive use compared to balance requirements
Commands - No summons, not needed

1 repcharge per team per match
2 reps per player per round
No buyable stims, stim pack creators still in play

Map rooms would recreate special, iconic areas of play such as the mid island of CTFX and other such locations from maps like HP, TP, and Eol. There would be 2 zones in each room, where you can stock up on store items, but you will not be able to return after match start. Map room would be small, some with cover items, such as CTFX mid sandbags, or wide open in traditional open dueling. First room is called by flip of coin, then loser picks next room. Back pedaling would be of limited use due to small room sizes. "Features" such as wall nading would not be moderated.

Simple procedure would be formation of 2-3 man teams. Players may only be on one team. Teams will elect one player "combat" and one "support". Random lottery would build the tournament tree. On the day of match, both teams will show up, build equipment, and decide on the coin toss. The winner will elect the starting room. Winner will also elect what starting box they want. Teams will be checked to confirm 1 repcharge. Teams will be placed in their boxes, given 90 seconds to finish plans, then will walk out of the one wall walls onto the field. One life per player, an upon death, the player will spawn outside of the room. Loser of the duel will elect the next room. Winner will elect the starting box. Repeat until the best of 5 rounds has been decided.

I feel that allowing a wide range of setups and classes while limiting it to 2v2 would create a challenging and competitive dueling meta that would be far more involving than straight up AR dueling. By being flexible in setups, this allows less skilled players a chance in taking part and allows vets to make use of their skills. Limiting self heals focuses on the support partner's timing skills. Limiting classes by type eliminates OP combos like "double sonic cannon ASC heavies". Removing cloaks and summons prevent "bullshit" issues. Removing certain classes keeps the meta healthy; no one wants to play with duo mpacs napalming everything.

I have limited free time to design this out, but if theres interest I can set the zone up and let whoever run it.
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Re: 2v2 duo league, limited irpg itemset

Post by Space » Thu Apr 21, 2016 9:38 pm

strafing > aimbot


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