Bring back NML (No Man's Land)!!!

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Bring back NML (No Man's Land)!!!

Post by Bazookie » Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:24 am


There's really not much else I have to say about it, except that this was one of the BEST game maps in the whole of Infantry. It had player equality (balance) as the classes were limited to just a few, so team play and class picks were important, and there were no item upgrades, which kept things simple. (although if there was a money system in place on this map, item upgrades / weapon purchases could have been made).

Thing about this map is that it required only skill (and sometimes luck) to be a superior player, and not items / item combinations. It was just a death match supreme, with a smaller map so you could get into the battle much quicker.

This game mode reminds me a lot of League of Legends, one of my favorite games of all time. It had the *nexus* you used to blow up to finish the match, although i think they took those out eventually.

All I'm sayin' a playa' some love! Bring back NML!@ "Who's with me man?! .....WHooo's comin with me?!!!"

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